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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine Mantle

My whole life I've wanted a mantle ... 
I've longed for a mantle ... 
I've been on the verge of coveting a mantle. 
But now that I finally have one - 
I struggle figuring out how to decorate it.
Go figure.

I don't own Valentine's Day decorations.  
Probably because I hate pink and I usually find hearts tacky.  
That made doing a V Day themed mantle quite challenging.

I bought the star at Kohls - after Christmas for $3.50.  
Actually, I bought three of them. 
Plan to paint them to incorporate into H's bedroom.

The roses were from my mother.
The lanterns were birthday gifts to me from my MIL.
The glass vase was from a good friend's wedding.
The ribbon-covered vases were from a wedding shower I hosted.
I love weddings - I loved MY wedding! (huge grin!)

The cake stands were from Hallmark - after Christmas - years ago.
"Love" was from Michael's - after Christmas this year.

Everything represents either someone I love,
or something I love (weddings and Christmas).
And that's what Valentine's Day is all about.

- - LOVE - -

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Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

And I LOVE it..and you! Can I use a pic for my mantel review?

HouseMama said...

Everything looks great. I like the items you put together - it's very classy!