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In February of 2008 I was diagnosed with an incurable terminal lung illness, though God promised me a full and complete healing. While we wait for His timing, we're taking it one day at a time, and standing in awe of how God's using all of this for His glory. The tough road we've traveled has given us a new perspective on the fragility of life. Memories are more important to us than ever before. The goal of this blog is to share some of our family life - the ups and downs, the joys and probably some of the pains as well. It's mostly meant as a personal journal of sorts, but you're welcome to share in it. We'd like to take this opportunity to say ...


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

of paint and lights

The main part of our house is being painted in August.

For those of you who haven't been to Dogwood yet - (give me a call, and come visit!) - let me explain what that means.  It has a 2-story entry, with a living room to the left just off of it (I guess it's a living room - there are only 2 walls, the rest of it's completely open to the rest of the house), and the stairs are off to the right of it.  Then on the main floor, there's a hallway that goes around, and behind the stairs toward the family room, basement steps, powder room, laundry & garage.  The living room  also opens to the dining room (living room is 2 stories, dining room feels tiny because it's only 1 story. ... Oh my - that sounds very confusing.  Let me see if I can find any pics from when we first looked at the house (last July).

Ahhh, that's better.  Now you have a much better idea of what I'm talking about.  ALL of that is being painted (including the ceiling and hallway I didn't photograph) in August.  There's no way I can handle that amount of paint fumes (and no way a 2 year old would resist touching wet paint!), so the boys and I are moving out for a week while it's undergoing the make-over.  This area contains some lights that we H-A-T-E ... so this is the perfect time to change them (since the ceiling's being painted anyway).  What lights you ask?  Well, let me remind you.

The over-grown plant in the dining room.

And the clam-shell sconces
(3 of them in the 2nd floor hallway)
(2 more of them in the master bathroom)

And the 2 other kind of sconces
(on the 1st floor at the bottom of the steps)

Well, the last ones aren't that bad, but we like things to match, and I can't find it anywhere to buy more.  So, they're going too.  I guess I'll see if I can craigslist the lights - since none of them are broken, we just aren't crazy about them.

ANYWAY ... now's the best time for us to put in new lights - since they'll have to be taken down to paint the walls & ceiling.  So, I've spent a good bit of time today online looking for new lights.  I've found some really good prices (and some painfully high ones too!).  But this decision seems so difficult for me.  God created ALL the stars, sun & moon in ONE DAY - but it sure is taking me a lot longer just to pick from the available choices.  Goodness!

On a side note - if you're free August 20-26 - and actually LIKE painting (and do a good job) - and want to come help Aaron and the guys - let us know.  We'll be happy to thank you "monetarily"......

In the meantime I'm back on the hunt.

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