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Sunday, April 11, 2010

M de C - Alumnae Day

Okay, so technically I didn't graduate from Mount de Chantal, though I did attend it for 9 years.  Technically I attended a boarding school in Canada for my Junior and Senior years.  Technically I'm a graduate from Niagara Christian Collegiate. ... Technically, an alumna is "a woman who is a graduate or former student of a specific school, college, or university." (dictionary.com)  So, technically, I guess I AM an alumna from the Mount!  (YES, I took Latin there, and YES I forgot that part of the definition.)

Founded in 1848, the Mount graduated its last class in 2008.  Had I stayed, and graduated from that fabulous institute, I would have graduated on the 150th anniversary of the school (1998).  Apparently that year's Alumnae Day was the best attended on record ... until this year.  Next week the three remaining nuns are moving to Georgetown (the other six have recently moved), and all future Alumnae Days will be held there, at our sister school.  So, this was the final one at the actual school.  And yesterday's Alumnae dinner seated 450 guests... not bad for a school with fairly small classes (my class graduated 10 ladies).  Yesterday, at the final "real" Alumnae Day, women were in attendance representing graduating classes as far back as 1937!

Ten ladies graduated from the Mount in 1998.  One of them started attending part way into her senior year, and hasn't remained in contact after graduation.  So, for the sake of argument, let's replace my information with hers (since no one knows where she is right now).  Keep in mind that I'm 30 years old.  Ten women graduated from the Mount in 1998....

30% aren't married yet (though one or two are engaged)
30% got married within the past 1.5 years
30% have children
20% either have or will complete their doctorate by the end of the summer 

Professions / Accomplishments include: an accountant, a psychologist, one married a french guy (and is currently living in Spain), one has a published book, one is finishing her doctorate in neuroscience (and studying a protein), one is in the financial industry ... and I'm a mom.  JUST A MOM (for right now, anyway).

It never ceases to amaze me how a group of NUNS (who "gave up the world" in order to serve Christ) could instill such an amazing sense of drive into so many young women.  Of course there's time for families (if that's what we're called to), but life can be about so much more.  I recently watched (again) the movie Mona Lisa Smile (where Julia Roberts is a "liberal" teacher in an all girl school in the repressed 1950s).  And it was soooo interesting to compare that (based on a true story) school, and the all girl school I attended.  The Mount has graduated FEMALE lawyers, doctors, senators, researchers, teachers, psychologists, writers, members of the press, nuns, and "just moms" like me.  For those of you who've commented to me in the past that I'm such a "strong woman" - a good chunk of that was instilled in me by my mother (who comes from a long line of "strong women") and the rest is from the education I received at the Mount.  It was truly an AMAZING school, and I'm heartbroken that it has closed its doors.

(Postcard dated 1910)

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