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In February of 2008 I was diagnosed with an incurable terminal lung illness, though God promised me a full and complete healing. While we wait for His timing, we're taking it one day at a time, and standing in awe of how God's using all of this for His glory. The tough road we've traveled has given us a new perspective on the fragility of life. Memories are more important to us than ever before. The goal of this blog is to share some of our family life - the ups and downs, the joys and probably some of the pains as well. It's mostly meant as a personal journal of sorts, but you're welcome to share in it. We'd like to take this opportunity to say ...


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dumbo's Family

Before the doors opened for the circus, everyone was allowed to go visit the animals. Alex wasn't impressed by the white miniature horses, or by the white big horses. He wasn't impressed by the sleeping tigers, or by the white one that kept pacing back and forth.
But he WAS impressed by the elephants!

We got to watch them playing with little logs, and eating, and relieving themselves (they peed in buckets!!!), sitting on each other, and even cooling off by throwing sand on their backs.

Alex got to compare his foot with an elephant's - obviously it was fake! And he was totally grossed out when I explained that "the rock" was an elephant's tooth - yeah, the kind that was once in an elephant's mouth.

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Beth said...

My guys would have LOVED this. Looks like yours did as well :). Glad you all had a good time.