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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Inspirational Road Trip

My girlfriend and her 3 kids spent last week here on Dogwood.  While they were here, she and I decided to take a spur-of-the-moment road trip to ...

We left when almost everyone was napping (and the kiddos couldn't voice their opposition to the idea).  It's only about a 45 minute drive and we spent a GLORIOUS 2 hours of drooling, sighing, and talking about decorating ideas.  She stuck to her budget.  I almost stuck to mine ... but phoned the hubby to discuss a higher priced purchase.  So, I blew my budget (with his blessing) - but we're SO happy with the purchase. (more about that later)

Each time I go I always notice so many things I think would work so well in our house, or ideas of how to use what I do have in a different way.  So, this time I was finally smart enough to bring my camera along.

Most of what I found was ideas for Harrison's room (which should be painted a nice blue before Christmas) - so I now FINALLY have some ideas of what to do with it.  I haven't started it yet, because I lacked any inspiration.  IKEA came to the rescue!  Take a look at this wall art - and most of it I could replicate myself with scrapbook paper or art from the internet!

At some point I'm gonna shell out the (I think) $16 for these lights.  Every time I see them I fall in love all over again.  They'd go so well in our guest room.  The photo's a bit deceiving - they're a glorious white.

And I can think of at least 5 places in my house that this mirror would fit perfectly!

And then ... there's the hubby-approved splurge.

I've had such a hard time decorating our bedroom - so it's not too girly or too masculine -  too dark or too light.  I bought a painting last winter (which will eventually move from its spot above the bed to just above the soaking tub).  I selected a paint color (a soothing green) which might, just might go up on the walls by the end of the month.  But it's sooooooo hard to decorate a bedroom (for me, anyway), without a bedspread since it takes up so much real estate in the room.  And I FINALLY found it!  Our douvet.  The one thing that the whole room will be based upon - the colors, the textures, the whole enchilada.

... And THAT, my friends, is the green that we purchased for the walls during Home Depot's Memorial Day Paint Sale!

It's the perfect mix of masculine and feminine colors.  It's even striped on the other side, so the print doesn't have to be overtly feminine.  (Currently the stripe side's showing on our bed, but we've agreed to switch back and forth each time we change the sheets.)  We bought the duvet cover and two floral shams.

My decorating block for TWO rooms has been broken through!  I now can go on and create inspiring and relaxing rooms ... once I finish painting that built-in bookcase in Alex's room.  (I'm getting there - it just needs a coat or two of wipe-on poly, and to do touch-ups where the white got on the yellow walls.)

The "real" reason I wanted to go to IKEA was to pick up one of these dignitet curtain wires for all the art I'm sure Alex will be bringing home from KINDERGARTEN. (how did he grow up so fast??!!?)

Aren't they absolutely FABULOUS!!??!!  Sigh.  I LOVE the IKEA kind of impromptu road-trips!

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