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In February of 2008 I was diagnosed with an incurable terminal lung illness, though God promised me a full and complete healing. While we wait for His timing, we're taking it one day at a time, and standing in awe of how God's using all of this for His glory. The tough road we've traveled has given us a new perspective on the fragility of life. Memories are more important to us than ever before. The goal of this blog is to share some of our family life - the ups and downs, the joys and probably some of the pains as well. It's mostly meant as a personal journal of sorts, but you're welcome to share in it. We'd like to take this opportunity to say ...


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Got Snow?

I've mentioned before how much snow my sister lives with all winter in Tahoe.  Practically 6 months of her year are spent with snow - and most of those require studded tires and/or chains just to get around town.  There's no "Sorry, Mrs. Boss-Lady, I can't make it into work today.  There's too much snow."  Instead, there's LOTS of shoveling (and weight loss), malfunctioning snow-blowers, waking up an extra hour or two early to dig the car out before work, and snow-blindness.

Yesterday she took a pic of her three year old playing outside - "shoveling."  She said that 1/3 of the last "dumping" of snow's melted already.  ONE-THIRD ... MELTED ALREADY!!??!!

Thank you, God, for NOT asking me to live THERE!  I'd go batty with that kinda snow all the time.  I'm sorry I've complained about what "little" we've gotten here - even though Pittsburgh had more snowfall in February than ANY other month in recorded history.  Thank you that I don't live in Tahoe.  I guess you really DO know what I can handle, and what I can't.  And, bless my sister - keep her back strong as she continues to shovel - and shovel - and shovel ... for a couple more MONTHS!

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