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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Lazy Summer Evening

So - a friend recently commented that summer's 1/2 over, and I was caught off guard. I've been so busy lately that I didn't realize that we're soon gonna be half-way thru July. I guess it's time for me to get in the swing of things and start actually doing some summer activities with my family.

... But what!??!

We haven't had ice cream outside 'cause Alex usually refuses to eat the stuff. We haven't gone to the playground at all (except once in May) 'cause it's generally too hot for me to tolerate. We haven't gone to the pool 'cause I'm not allowed in water, and it's generally too hot for me to tolerate. We haven't gone to the beach 'cause I'm not allowed in water, and it's generally too hot for me to tolerate. We haven't gone to Hershey Park or the zoo 'cause it's generally..... You get the point. Summer activities revolve around enjoying the hot weather, and when I'm outside in the heat I think I'll pass out 'cause I can't breathe. So - I've been getting down on myself for all the summer experiences my kids aren't getting yet again this summer!

If I don't have any projects that need done after Aaron gets home from work, then generally we eat dinner and once it cools down we try to head outside for a little bit. Harrison has fun picking flowers and running/crawling in the opposite direction of where we want him headed.
Alex rides his spider man bike or plays catch with Aaron, and he absolutely loves doing both!
But it's hardly anything - definitely not enough! Alex is missing out on so much that was part of what summer meant to both Aaron and me when we were children. I've been trying to come up with ideas of summer activities that we can do as a family that don't revolve around water, or a lot of walking, or being outside in the heat of the day. I HAVEN'T COME UP WITH ANY! I seriously need help - please give me some suggestions!!!!


Jen said...

Here's something that might be fun at the farm

Bike Photo Safari

Disposable cameras
This party is a picture hunt on bicycles.

Each team of two or three kids gets a safari clues list.
The team must use the clue list and photograph the location they believe is correct within a determine time limit.
When everyone returns, someone takes the photos to a one-hour photo shop (you may be able to prearrange this so you can get them in less than an hour).
The party continues with lunch or dinner.
When the photos are returned, display them on the wall.
Photographs of correct locations will be judged for artistic quality as well as accuracy.
Award prizes in many different categories: most artistic, picture furthest off the clue list, most locations correct, etc.

Jen said...

Also pretty neat...

Clothesline Art Show
by Molly Hewitt

Age: All ages
Time: 1 hour in advance; 30 minutes day of show
Type of Activity: Art

Materials needed:

Paper, crayons, colored pencils, stickers, etc.
A clothesline or rope
Kid-made art: paintings, drawings, photos, collages, any lightweight works of art
Want to air out your kids' creativity? What better way than to host a neighborhood art show? This is a good activity for an afternoon. You want to have enough time for the art to be seen and enjoyed.
The Invitations

Pick a day and time for the show at least a week ahead, so everyone has time to make some art. The invitation should include the names of the hosts, the address, the date, the time, and what it's all about. You can use the same invitation for artists and parents. Just explain that artists are to show up a half hour early to hang their art. Since you are inviting people to an art show, get creative right from the start. Glue ransom note style cut-out letters on a paper plate, finger paint on a grocery bag, or circle letters on a page of the newspaper.

When the invitations are ready, deliver them. Then get started on your art! If you need some ideas, check out Take Your Camera for a Walk.

The Show

This is the easy part. Just hang the clothesline between two trees or porch posts (have a backup place indoors in case of rain). Get the snacks ready. Hang your art work with the clothespins. As the other artists show up, have them hang theirs. When the guests arrive, serve the snacks, and bask in the talent of the neighborhood artists!

Optional Art Sale

Decide ahead of time whether the art is for sale and if so, what price you will charge per piece and where the money will go. Should it be divided among the artists? Should it go to a local charity? Or how about a neighborhood collection of art supplies, now that every house has an artist?

Jen said...

Ooo, ooo, you could try the mentos in the diet coke thing too, I bet Alex would LOVE IT!!

Jen said...

Volcano Experiment

Dirt or wet sand
Small shovel or spoon
Two teaspoons baking soda
White vinegar

Build a mound of dirt ten inches high.
Dig a deep hole in the middle of the mound with a small shovel.
Put two teaspoons of baking soda in the hole.
Then slowly pour in vinegar and watch your volcano erupt!

Jen said...

Well here, how about I give you the website, that way I won't clog up your blog...wouldn't want a blog clog, hahaha


Julia Feitner said...

Beth - thank you for the blog suggestions you left on my facebook post! Blogs rule!

Jen - you're a wealth of ideas! Thank you! Which Jen are you?

Anonymous said...

Catching lightning bugs was one of my favorite summer activities!!!

Kim :)

Jen said...

Jen Runkle :-)

Saw your FB status, hope everything's ok!!!

Anonymous said...

Drive-in movie?

Some movie theaters around here are doing free shows for kids during the day, maybe look into that.

Blow bubbles on the front porch at dusk.

Toast marshmallows on the gas grill after dark.

Mary (from your support group)